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サロン・ドートンヌ2012 での私の作品の展示風景です。
ずいぶんと閑散とした展示会ね? ノンノン! この映像は、オープン直前、まだ来場者がチケット売り場に列を作っているときに撮影したものです。オープンとともに沢山の人々の来場です。私の作品は、PHOTGRAPHIEの部門に展示。今回は、審査委員長Mr.ZENOBELと同じブースになりました。

私の作品の制作方法〔Ma technique〕をご紹介いたします。

As a visual artist, Ms. Okuyama’s works get their inspiration from Japan’s natural beauty and scenery combined with a touch of divinity and spirituality that flows through it all.
The artist has been active since 2005 with shaping a visual art form that is created through digital expression. Her creational process involves the attempt at discovering and unveiling the essence of things, design it and render it into a shaped motif.
Upon completion of the motifs, Ms Okuyama refines and exalts it and by removing the impurities she renders it into her visual art.
The technique she uses throughout this process has its consistent in character originate out of drawing manually some forms in monochrome tones (black and white), which afterwards is transformed in an electronic representation by using a digital scanner.
Once the manually created image is transferred into a digital one, the artist colors in the monochrome motifs & recurring shapes by using Adobe Photoshop tools in compliance with a Mackintosh computer.